A group of women mountain bikers from Los Angeles and Ventura Counties

Concerned Off-Road Bicyclists Association

We're still trying to get organized during the waning (we hope) stages of the pandemic. Check back here from time to time to see how we're doing.


Covergirl/Coverguy/Covergroup of the Month

January 12. The 'short route' group on a ride up Cheeseboro Canyon on a beautiful day!


New Stuff & Photos of Events

Cheeseboro Cyn ride plus GGR (Jan 12, 2020)

Sycamore Cyn and Marybeth Tribute Ride (Sept 7, 2019)

Peninsula Trail building (Oct 15)
Ahmanson, Las Virgenes, Cheese (Oct 2)

2015 Holiday Party (Dec 13)
Cheeseboro to Overlook (Dec 12)
Cheeseboro China Flat (Nov 21)
Sycamore Canyon RAM ride
(Nov 1)
Kickstand Pete's Bday Party (July 26)
Cheeseboro Cyn Ride (July 26)

Backbone Trail to Etz Meloy (June 14)
Sycamore Wild Flowers (March 8)

COSCA Annual Trailwork Day
(Oct 18)
CORBA RAM in Sycamore Canyon (Sept 28)
Reseda to The Foundation (Aug 30)
Santa Monica Mountains Trail Days (April 26)

Who We Are

North Ranch Mountain Bikers (NRMB) is the largest and oldest mountain bike riding group for adults in the Los Angeles area. We have rides most every Wednesday night and Saturdays and Sundays year-round on a multitude of trails. Many of our rides are on trails in The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area (SMMNRA) which spans Los Angeles and Ventura Counties; however, we also regularly ride in the San Gabriel, Santa Barbara, Frazier Park and San Bernardino Mountain areas as well. We even have occasional trips to popular riding destinations such as Mammoth, Kernville, Lake Tahoe, Big Bear, Sedona, Moab, etc.  All of our rides are recreational in nature and are not competitive. We have rides for all levels of riders; beginner to advanced, so pick rides that best fit your skill & athletic abilities. A listing of all of our current month rides is available for download from this website.

NRMB encourages safe, responsible and courteous trail riding. Helmets are mandatory on our group rides and we expect riders to also bring along their own water, snacks and tool kit to fix minor mechanical breakdowns on the trail. We also highly encourage riders to wear operational walkie-talkies (FRS radios that support privacy codes) tuned to channel 5:25. We expect our riders to adhere to the rules of the trail for the safety and enjoyment of all trail users.

The Fine Print

By joining an NRMB ride you understand and accept the following:

NRMB supports CORBA, the Concerned Off Road Bicycling Association; IMBA, the International Mountain Bicycling Association and the MBU, the Mountain Bike Unit which is a group of volunteer riders who patrol the trails of the SMMNRA. Many of our members belong to these groups.  If you are not currently a member of CORBA/IMBA we suggest you sign up now at:

Join our Facebook Group and/or e-Group

In addition to this website, we have both a Facebook Group and a Google e-Group. If you would like to join the e-Group click here to send Tamara an e-mail and she will gladly set you up. If you already belong to the e-Group you can go directly there by clicking here.

If you have any questions about a ride or NRMB in general, feel free to contact one of us through the e-mails below: